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What is Refugio?

Refugio is an Urban Strategies program designed to serve unaccompanied children (UC) who have come to the United States to flee complex social, economic, and political factors. The Refugio program provides vulnerable immigrant children with safe and nurturing housing and equips them with life skills that promote health, wellbeing, and human flourishing.

Refugio is implemented through faith-based organizations in California, Texas, and Florida who have extensive knowledge and expertise in serving children and families.

Who is Served?

Many UCs, particularly those from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, flee their home countries to escape proximity to violence, threats from neighborhood gangs and drug cartels, abuse or persecution in their home country. Many children cross the border with the intent to join family members already residing in the U.S. Their young ages, separation from primary caregivers, and the hazardous journey from their countries of origin to the U.S. make UC’s especially vulnerable to becoming victims of human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.